Industrial laundry for washing of clinical clothes.

Thanks to Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE©, this medical laundry could honor the strict regulations for bacteria in process water.

In CLOVA laundry in Belgium transducers were installed on several pipes. Each transducer has its own sophisticated software control unit including the patented HS technology.

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© devices combat chalck and rust in tanks, tubes and pipes.

An example of Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© application in the food industry:

Transducer treats a tank and a pipe. Rust, chalck and biofilm in a non treated pipe.

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© avoids the attachment of micro-organisms

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© avoids the attachment of mineral deposits

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© reduces bacterial contamination

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© significantly reduces maintenance