Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© eliminates biofilm permanently without chemicals. A sustainable alternative for standard chemical disinfection.

Disinfectants are mostly tested against planktonic (free) bacteria, although 99% of bacteria naturally exist in a biofilm!

Especially Gram-Negative bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Legionella, Escherichia coli, Viruses and Fungi.

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© is also efficient in the case of resistant biofilm.

Gram-negative bacteria

> BIOFILM is difficult to remove completely with chemicals because micro-organisms are packed closely and form a barrier against disinfection

> BIOFILM in filter membranes can block pores (flux)

> BIOFILM related bacteria can cause corrosion

> BIOFILM causes diseases in drinking water

Working principle:

very strong (HS technology) ultrasonic soundwaves above 25 KHz,

produced by a transducer (a high power piezoelectric tweeter speaker),

and controlled by a sophisticated driver unit with intelligent software, brings the material we need to treat into resonance:

  • kills the single cell organisms and the biofilm
  • the single cell organisms burst due to the strong high frequencies
  • free floating bacteria have difficulty to adhere to the surface
  • kills the non-pathogenic iron or manganese bacteria who forms the red-brown or black-brown slime
  • avoids chalk and rust in pipelines and tanks

Only the Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© devices produced by Harsonic® in Belgium use the patented HS technology. Beware: copied devices without this Harsonic HS technology doesn’t work well!

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© devices in action on cooling towers (heat exchange).

Five transducer control units with their own power supply in professional humidity free boxes.

Photo below: one of the five Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© transducers on the cooling towers.

Left: transducer – Right: control units

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