Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© for Reversed Osmosis, water tanks and tubes

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© for brewery is a permanent solution against biofilm contamination and mineral deposits in your brewery installations.

It uses very strong ultrasonic waves.

It’s proven and it is ecological.

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Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© is also active in Horticulture-Agriculture and ecologically treats bacteria problems in medical Laundries:

Reversed Osmosis device

Ultrasonic transducers have recently been installed on the Reversed Osmosis (RO) installation of … in Belgium.

The supplier of the reverse osmosis installation concerned requests 3 months of publicity exclusivity. The name of the brewery … will follow ‘soon’.

Earlier Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© transducers have been placed on filters, block filters, water storage and water cooling of the Anadolu Efes brewery in Turkey. De Efes Beverage Group is the largest brewery in Turkey and is number 12 in the world ranking.

Both results are amazing.

The patented Harsonic® ultrasonic HS technique permanently prevents bio-fouling and scaling(*) in your RO-device, water storage tanks, tubes etc.

(*) oxydebladering, afschilfering, verkalking, aanslag, afzetting, ketelsteenafzetting

Moreover, ultrasonic waves do not cause corrosion.

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© transducers on tank and pipes (laundry)

99% of bacteria hide in biofilm. The biofilm itself is surrounded by a slimy Extracellular Matrix (ECM) layer also called glycocalyx.

The Extracellular Matrix is therefore a barrier against classic disinfection.

This ECM and biofilm can cause a strong growth of the Legionella pneumophila bacteria due to reduced water flow.

In contrast to chemical cleaning, Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© is also effective in case of resistant biofilm.

Ultrasonic BIOFILMFREE© devices are a one time green investment with a very fast ROI.

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